One Spooky Night

“He quickly turns around again to see only the leaves falling from the sky and the wind rustling the leaves along the ground. Without hesitation, he quickly dashes in the opposite direction in order to get away from the spooky area. Will is on high alert now, any sudden movement or noise gets an instant reaction; he almost had a heart attack from a squirrel scuffling through some leaves. He quickly gets back on track towards his destination. Will checks his watch which says that it’s 5:22 pm. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a figure dash to the bushes. He then pulls out his flashlight shakily out of his book bag and shines it on the bush.”


“Nice and easy buddy”, he whispers to the dog. “I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to help..” the man was saying before he was interrupted by the dogs barking once again. The dog takes off toward him and makes the guy turn around in order to run for the car. He trips himself up but recovers quickly as he leaps through his car door. The man closes the door as the dog nearly comes in behind him.”

Night Owl

“He grabs the milk and shuts the refrigerator door. As he walks away he stubs his toe against the corner of the fridge. He begins to yelp but immediately puts his hands over his mouth. Frantically, he scans the apartment to make sure he wasn’t too loud. “Of all the times to stub my damn toe!” he whispers. Sai goes back into his room and stops at his bedside. He stares at his bed and then reaches out his hand towards the covers. He then pulls the covers ever so gently and there she was, Alex. Sai sits on the side of the bed and begins to gently rub his hand on her head.

Valentine’s Day

“She freezes in her steps. Jasmine notices the cabinet being slightly ajar. She opens it and an object falls to the ground. She picks it up and instantly loses her breath as she stares at the object. She instantly realizes it’s a gift that one would win from a 50-cent machine with writing on it saying, “Open me” on the cap. She opens the cap and a note is inside. She opens the note and starts to shake uncontrollably as she reads the note. The note read the following: “Happy Valentines Day Jazzy-Bear”. She drops the note and sprints up the stairs to find Brian. Everything began moving in slow motion as Jasmine moved up the stairs one leg at a time.”

Dead End

“Who's out there!?!” says the janitor.  Silence fills the bathroom as the janitor stands frozen in the same spot as his mop and bucket.  “This isn’t funny!  I’m calling security right now so you better get out of here!” the janitor yells again.  He slowly moves forward with his mop pointed out towards the bathroom door.  The janitor continues towards the door trembling with each step.  Jeff holds his legs in the fetal position in order to keep still.  The janitor continues inching towards the door trembling uncontrollably.  He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before letting out a shout and jumping in front of the bathroom entrance/exit with his mop stretched out.  He swung his mop back and forth looking in each direction to see nothing in front of him.  His face turned from fearful to confident as he let out a sigh of relief and began to laugh a little bit.  “See?!? There’s nothing out there!!  You and your stories will definitely get you into trouble!”  Jeff let out a slight sigh of relief but he couldn’t help but feel something was off.  He couldn’t put his finger on it but he had a weird feeling in his stomach that told him that they are not out of the woods yet.  “You can come out now!?  I told you there is nothing out there, you are in so much trouble bro!  To think I even listened to your terrible sto…” the janitor's words were cut short.  He stood there frozen with fear.  

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